Why “Quiet Luxury” is the Must-Follow Trend of the Season

Why “Quiet Luxury” is the Must-Follow Trend of the Season

In a world often bustling with noise and extravagance, there's a serene and refined trend that's been gaining momentum—quiet luxury. This sophisticated approach to living, traveling, and fashion is all about straying away from the heavy logos and maximalist styles, finding joy in the subtle details, appreciating the understated elegance, and indulging in moments of tranquility. Here, we'll explore the essence of quiet luxury and provide you with all the must-have packing tips to embrace this trend during your next adventure.

What is Quiet Luxury?

“Quiet luxury” is a trend that looks to leave behind the flashy logos or short displays of wealth. Instead it celebrates the art of simplicity, where (often high-end brands) create simple designs; think of the knits of Brunello Cucinelli or the footwear from The Row. “Quiet Luxury” shoppers are often investment shoppers, looking for something that will last through the longterm via a mindful curation of exquisite experiences and well-crafted, timeless pieces. 

The trend encourages individuals to seek out quality over quantity, to appreciate the craftsmanship of a well-made item, and to find contentment in the serenity that simplicity can bring. Overall, it’s a great conscious ethos for sustainable shoppers as it avoids impulse buys and rather pushes the idea of capsule and flexible wardrobes. 

So what should you bring on your next trip to encompass that Quiet Luxury Vibe?

1. Stick to the Basics

The price of the piece itself doesn’t matter but rather the style itself. Meaning both a $100 and a $1000 shirt can give off those quiet luxury vibes. So when you’re packing and picking out pieces you want to think of three things: longevity, fabric, and fit.

Longevity: Quiet luxury doesn’t pay attention to fading trends and thus you want to be sure you’re picking pieces that can be worn today, tomorrow, next month, and even next year. 

Fabric: To be able to wear a piece repeatedly and throughout various events you don’t want a fabric that is overly showy or glitzy. Really consider the texture and weight of the pieces. Think pure natural fibers -cottons, linen, cashmere.

Fit: Fit is important because any top (maxi, top, or button down) won’t look good if it fits improperly– regardless of how much you paid for it. 

And always remember to avoid pieces that have obvious or excessive logos. 

2. Get a Handbag that WORKS

One of the biggest shows of luxury in today’s day and age are hand bags. From the iconic Birkin to the Baguette, this almost seems like the most challenging part of quiet luxury. You want to stay away from any logo-heavy bags and totes, and even from micro-bags and sequin-studded purses. Instead you want to think of the long term, of well-made leathers, and versatile silhouettes. Think of Mansur Gavriel, Strathberry, Bottega Venetia, or maybe even something vintage from a heritage brand. 

3. Shoes You Want to Walk a Mile In (not literally!)

Yes, one of the common themes of quiet luxury is timelessness but that doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in a shoe you’ll LOVE. Simply look for a shoe that isn’t overly trendy (and yes that probably includes most of Balenciaga’s recent collections) and that is flattering. For us, we suggest getting a sturdy and practical sandal for the summer, or a loafer with some heel height. In addition, neutral colors are always best. 

4. Timeless Jewelry  

Jewelry is the final step to any outfit, and it’s probably one of the last things you think about when packing, but it truly is the pièce de resistance of quiet luxury.  Rather than spending an entire paycheck on earrings, or going for the cheaper trendier colorful resin pieces, opt for some simple pieces that you can wear to date night or a supermarket run. Look at Zoe Chicco,, Polène, or even Astrid & Miyu for some simple pieces. 

Storing + Packing with Quiet Luxury 

Now the thing to remember about “quiet luxury” is that it still is luxury and you have to take care of it as such. You don’t want the “timeless” pieces you buy not to even last a year. Which is why you need to care for them. We’ve compiled our best traveling tips here, but to summarize it for you, getting a Long Garment hanger that you can use to hang whole outfits on, to avoid dust bunnies, and to keep your clothes from wrinkling are essential. 

In an era defined by excess, the "Quiet Luxury" trend emerges as a sophisticated alternative, inviting us to appreciate subtlety in fashion and life. Rejecting flamboyance and logos, it champions enduring, well-crafted pieces, urging us to value quality over quantity and cultivate mindful, sustainable wardrobes. This trend's influence extends from timeless clothing and versatile handbags to carefully chosen footwear and understated jewelry. By embracing "Quiet Luxury," we reject the noise of trends, opting for a serene, elegant approach that resonates with our desire for enduring beauty and tranquility.


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