The Hanger

The hanger will hold a dress or jumpsuit that is up to 3 lbs and the perch will hold up to 2.5 lbs - which is pretty heavy for a garment. They'll be fine for most wedding dresses except for the ones with huge trains or lots of layers - but don’t worry - we’re on it and we’ll be coming out with a larger format hanger that would even work for Kate Middleton.

All of our products are made from recycled electronics that are ground down to make a plastic like substance. Our hangers are covered in a non-slip velvet flocking and our perch is covered in a non-slip rubbertized coating.

The loop on the perch is designed to go over ANY hanger hook. We wanted to create a product that would still allow all your hangers to match.

Our long garment hanger was our original solution to help you hang your long garments on the short rack of your closet. The perch is 75% thinner so it will not only save you vertical space but will also save you even more space on each bar since it's not as bulky. It's also design to fit over any of your existing hangers so you no longer have to worry about your existing hangers not matching your Cove hangers :)

We designed the bar on the hanger and perch to have an ULTRA rounded top (unlike other slim line hangers) so that the majority of dresses won't wrinkle or crease.

The hanger has a locking mechanism so that the two components will not come apart unless you press the lock button.

If your skirt has lingerie straps inside then you can hang it on the hanger, but we’re in the process of designing a version with skirt clips so sit tight!! We’re on it!

We’ve tested the hangers with tons of light colored garments and the flocking material does not come off at all, but we are working on a hanger in white for your most precious light-colored garments.

We stand behind the quality of our products with a 1-year warranty. This warranty is valid for one year, beginning on the date of purchase from Cove or one of our authorized retailers. Kindly note, if the product is purchased from an unauthorized or off-price retailer, this will automatically void the warranty. We do not cover shipping or duty charges associated with international warranty claims. Our warranty does not cover misuse, neglect, accidents, abrasion, color transfer from other materials, garments, solvents, cleaning liquids, or any modification to a Cove item. Please note that general wear and tear, including but not limited to the reasonable breakdown of colors and materials over time, is not considered a material or manufacturing defect and is therefore not covered by our warranty.

The Scented Ribbon

The fragrance will last for up to 3 months and will still smell pretty strong if you keep it in a confined space, like your closet or drawers.

80% of the ingredients in the fragrance for our scented ribbons are organic! We never use phthalates, parabens, or formaldehyde in any of our products. Most fragrances contain: Natural ALCOHOL, PARFUM(FRAGRANCE), AQUA(WATER), CITRAL, COUMARIN, ETHYL LINALOOL, GERANIUM, HEDIONE , LINALYL ACETATE, LYRAL® (R A), MUSCONE  CITRAL, COUMARIN, GERANIUM, HEDIONE , LINALYL ACETATE, LYRAL® (R A), MUSCONE, and Organic hydrolyzed Wheat Protein.The parfum component is 80% natural and our scents are completely custom so we don’t give out exact ingredient lists that, but if you want to know if any of the fragrances contain a specific ingredient, please reach out to us at<\/span><\/a> and we’d be happy to share!

Right now we don’t have custom ribbon options, but we are working on that option for next year’s wedding season. Please reach out to us at and we can provide you with more information! And congratulations!

NEVER!!! We love our furry friends. All our fragrances are vegan and cruelty free.

Orders, Shipping & Returns

We offer Standard Economy Shipping on all orders that will arrive between 3-8 business days after placing your order. Standard shipping is FREE for all domestic orders over $75 and flat $7.99 shipping for all orders under $100.

Yes! For any order over $75.

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Email and we will send you a return shipping label and authorization with instructions. Processing time may take up to 14 business days.

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Unfortunately, we cannot ship to P.O. Boxes

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All Returns are FREE!

General Questions

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Giving is the cornerstone of why we’re in business. We set aside a minimum of 1% of our profits to the First to Smile Foundation with a mission of providing happiness, homes, healing and hope for people, animals, and our world. Each year the foundation will select recipients for grants to further its mission. To get more information on grant recipients, please reach out to 


Our patented hanger is the ONLY hanger created specifically for long garments.