Our Top 5 Necessities to Organize Your Luggage

Our Top 5 Necessities to Organize Your Luggage

You don't need us to tell you that traveling can be stressful– there are hundreds of movies, shows, and books about it. From booking your tickets and rushing to the airport to trying to stuff an entire trip's worth of instagramable outfits into one bag– we never really relax until we reach our destination. So to make your plan just a little bit easier, we've compiled our favorite products that help us organize our luggage and unpack with ease– because you deserve the peace of mind, not a 30-minute hunt for your favorite earrings. 

Cadence’s Build Your Six $74

These magnetic honeycomb containers eliminate any unnecessary overthinking. Don’t worry about your mini shampoo being TSA-approved, and don’t overpack your toiletries bag. Cadence keeps all your necessities in one place– and looks cute doing it. 

Stacker’s Jewelry Case $27.99

Keep all your favorite rings, earrings, and bracelets in one place. This jewelry case is small enough to fit in the hidden corners of your luggage and big enough to carry all of your favorite pieces. 

Grid It Cocoon $14

Made of elastics, the grid organizer will hold any cords, chargers, pens, hair ties, or anything you want to be held in place.

STATE Bags Packing Cubes Set $45

Packing cubes make unpacking so much easier because what says organized, like having all of your things exactly where you want them. 

Cove’s Scented Ribbon

This is the crème de la crème of the traveling experience; opening your luggage and being enveloped in a gentle aroma that keeps your clothes smelling fresh. Our scented ribbons are powerful enough to delicately fragrance your favorite things– so all you have to do is relax. 


Our patented hanger is the ONLY hanger created specifically for long garments.