Brand Love for Cove

Brand Love for Cove

What a busy, wild, adventurous first year it’s been since we launched back in April 2022. We not only got to introduce the world to our Long Garment Hanger and Scented Ribbon, but also to meet and grow an organizationally-minded community set on finding their peace of mind. We’re so thankful to say that everyone was as excited about Cove as we were, seeing blogs, magazines, and individuals continually feature and recommend our Long Garment Hanger. Starting off strong with this year’s best, Good Housekeeping awarded us as one of the Best Cleaning and Organizing products of 2022: “I have never seen another product like this. Ingenious idea!” Since we’re on a roll, House Beautiful encouraged all to adult better with Cove, which won their Live Better Awards of 2022: “The brand's signature hangers save space and look chic with a pretty ribbon that's scented, too! It's like having a walk-in closet for a lot less.”


Not to get ahead of ourselves, but Cove made its rounds this year, being featured on Thing Testing, an Arkansas newspaper, Daily Candid News, Woman’s Day, good old-fashioned Yahoo, and even The Hollywood Reporter. We even had a few recommendations to gift the Long Garment Hanger to kids, teens, and especially college students as a way to keep them organized (TODAY, This Lady Blogs). But what exactly is everyone saying? 



“If your long dresses are essentially dusters for your closet floor (yikes!), this two-piece hanger will be a nice, um, upgrade. See what we did there?” 


The Cove Hanger comes with a ground-breaking patented top locking feature that secures the bottom half of the garment-place over and through the hanger then lock-a hanger for TRAVEL too! On top of that, this is a unisex hanger that can accommodate all longer garments: suites/jackets/coats, trench coats, skirts, evening gowns, or jumpsuits” 

More closet space is everything. But how can you get more when you have so many things? How about making some space with a little ingenuity from Cove Hanger. Hang those long garments on the short rack of your closet!

“What I love: My Cove Hangers! My long dresses are especially loving them. These hangers reduce the amount of space long dresses take up in a closet by doubling the dress over on an innovative hanger that clips onto itself. I also love that the Cove hanger reduces the weight on a dress’ shoulders because the weight is dispersed - no more stretched out fabric! Bonus points, the hanger is made from recycled electronics!”

“For extra long items that bunch up on the bottom of your closet, consider a long garment velvet hanger from Cove that allows you to pick up the length without wrinkling dresses and jumpsuits.”

Why am I so obsessed? 5 simple reasons. 

It makes travel easier. By folding the dress in half on the hanger, I can travel with a short garment bag and a small carry-on. Meaning I don’t need to check in any luggage (and don’t have to worry that my luggage will be lost).

It has an innovative locking mechanism and anti-slip material guarantee which means the dress will stay put– avoiding any slip-induced wrinkles.

It has a rounded top that will not cause creases, meaning I’m good to go when I get to the hotel. Just unpack and hang.

It comes with a scented ribbon, which is basically going to be your luggage’s new best friend - it smells absolutely dreamy and will lightly fragrance your clothes and will keep your luggage staying fresh even if it’s filled with sweaty dresses from a night of dancing.

It makes the best bridesmaid gift! Knowing how easy it’s made my life, I’ve included it as a gift for all my bridesmaids so they can easily store their dresses on the short rack of their closets AFTER the wedding (so it doesn’t take up any unnecessary space– remember 27 Dresses?!).

Life (and weddings) are stressful enough, I don’t need to worry about my dresses on top of it all, which is why I’m recommending the lovely Cove Garment Hanger for special days and every days.

I also have a small closet so being able to hang long dresses without covering things up at the bottom is amazing I found this hanger easy to use and any woman not just fashionistas will love this hanger

Curious to hear about Cove from our founder herself? Head over to ESPN’s “This Dream House to learn about the innovative mind behind closet transformations. 


Our patented hanger is the ONLY hanger created specifically for long garments.