The 10 spring dresses to get with your Tax refund

The 10 spring dresses to get with your Tax refund

Spring has arrived and with it the oscillating weather that has you freezing in the mornings and sweating by the afternoon. Each morning seems like a long winded decision making process: how much do I layer? Can I wear this? Is this jacket too heavy? And so the questions run on. Which is why we’ve compiled our favorite maxi dresses to combat that back-and-forth feeling, simply put it on, add your favorite sweater or cardigan, and a light jacket and you’re all set. As an added bonus, since it is tax season, you can use your tax refund on any of these dresses as a way to treat yourself. Now, keep reading for the 10 dresses we’ll be battling seasonal allergies in. 


1. Yellow Summer Garden Maxi Dress

For the springtime classic, this buttery yellow maxi has a tropical design and long sleeves that speaks to the warmer weather yet to come. Wear this from April all the way into the summer.  

Image courtesy of Farm Rio


2. Blue Shoulder Pads Maxi Dress

Silhouetted, shoulder pads, in electric blue. Nothing speaks quite as brightly as this maxi, and yet the almost roman-inspired design is neither overwhelming nor tired. Strut into spring in this easy choice. 

Image courtesy of Farm Rio



3. Sami Dress

For those not ready to let go of fall/winter’s black colors scheme, this black wrap-styled dress is made of a satin jacquard fabric that feels light on the skin and will pair well with your favorite cool-weather boots. 

Image courtesy of Revolve


4. Olga Dress

If you feel like floral patterns for spring are a little boring or overdone but still want to have a little fun with your style, this soft linen maxi features is right up your alley. With its subtle black-white pattern and voluptuous sleeves, you’ll be ready for long walks through blooming florals soon enough. 

Image courtesy of Usisi Sister

5. Pink Macaw Forest Maxi Dress

You can’t go wrong with pink, especially when it's this deep, subtle tone that’ll effortlessly blend in with whatever your “spring” jacket of the day is. The best part of this maxi is its versatility, going from AM office meetings to PM late night dinners– take it wherever the day finds you. 

Image courtesy of Farm Rio 


6. Emelia Jumpsuit

Yes, we know we said 10 dresses, but nothing says Spring versatility quite like a jumpsuit, especially this comfortable milano wool knit pair. In addition, its 70s-inspired cut is flattering and pairs well with boots, flats, heels, or sneakers– whatever you’re most comfortable in!

Image courtesy of Usisi Sister



7. Mary Dress

Night plans but not sure what to wear? This long-sleeved maxi knit dress with a key-hole neckline will keep you warm while ensuring you look fabulous– and what more could we ask for?

Image courtesy of Usisi Sister



8. Norma Kamali

Veer away from the conventional with this tartan, asymmetrical, turtleneck midi. Made from jersey knit and ruched around the waist, this Norma Kamali shows off just a hint of leg and pairs well with your favorite mules. 

Image courtesy of Net-a-Porter

9. Ninety Percent 

Go classic, go modest, go chic. This midi dress is reminiscent of French women riding on their vintage bicycles with a fresh baguette in the basket– you’ll know what we mean when you see it. 

Image courtesy of Net-a-Porter


10. Saloni 

Your wardrobe can’t get anymore “Spring” than this: a ruffled, pink, floral midi in silk chiffon. 

Image courtesy of Net-a-Porter


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