Closet Shelves: The Easy Way to Double Hanging Space

Closet Shelves: The Easy Way to Double Hanging Space

If COVID-19 taught us anything about being at home, we can do anything we put our mind to, from sourdough to tie-dye, to learning how to use TikTok. So, why should that stop now? Especially as we return to offices, commutes, and social gatherings. Getting back into the real world also means getting dressed every morning in something other than sweatpants and potentially getting ready again for a night out. The answer to all these problems lies in your home’s small, forgotten corner that you see daily– your closet. You may have guessed it, but we’re delving into expanding your closet space by adding some shelves. 

Why add another shelf? 

  • The primary reason would be that you don’t have a closet all to yourself. Sharing such a small space with a partner can be challenging, especially if you have different habits, lifestyles, and a sense of organization (let’s just say you have different definitions of “folding”). Thus, one of the primary benefits of adding another shelf would be giving your partner their own space to muck up as much as possible. 

  • Another reason you may need more space is that, to put it plainly, you just have a lot of stuff. You love a good dress, blazer, pant-set, romper, slip dress, and now all those nice things you love are stuffed in the nooks and crannies of your closet, just wrinkling and potentially collecting dust bunnies. By adding another shelf and rack to hang your clothes, you leave yourself all that extra space to hang your clothes– like they deserve– and give your shoes a proper pedestal within your closet. 

  • Why limit yourself? The third reason is simply that you can. Especially if you live in an apartment, space is a precious commodity. Turn the second half of your closet into a linen closet, a space for coats, or even a tucked-away place for fancy silverware that only sees the light of day two times a year. In this case, your closet is your oyster. 

How to go about it. 

The first thing you need to do is take everything out of your closet, and we mean everything. We’ll explain the different shelving options you can add, but you don’t want to risk dirtying or getting plaster on any of your gorgeous garments. 

Types of shelves you can use.

Next, you need to consider what kind of shelf you’d like to add: permanent and not permanent. 

Permanent- Now, don’t let the word ‘permanent’ scare you; everything is reversible; this option is just a bit more sturdy and a part of the infrastructure. Thankfully, HGTV has outlined its complexities, but what you need to know is that it’s simple. Ensure that you have a drill, buy a rod and its supporting shelf support. Then measure where you’d like it to go in the closet and drill away. Okay, it may not be as easy as we’re making it seem, but it’s worth the effort, especially if you plan to stay at your residence for a while. And for those of us who may be missing the DIY gene, consider this Closet Shelf Kit which makes the process easier. 

Non-Permanent– For those of us on short leases or who are never sure of where our next life choice may take us, you’re better off looking to purchase these expandable shelf closet inserts or canvas hanging closet organizer. While these options aren’t as sturdy (or pretty) as adding a second shelf, everyone has to work with what they’ve got. 

At this point, you may wonder how you’ll find the room for a second shelf when your clothes take up so much space. Consider this solution. 

Turn to the Cove Long Garment Hanger

The Cove Long Garment Hanger takes your long garments and essentially folds them to occupy half the hanging space. This closet hack adds some functionality to an otherwise chaotic section of your home. When using the Hanger, you can hang all your favorite items without using unnecessary closet space or risking creasing and snagging your garments.

  • Wonder what to hang? Our tip is that if it creases, snags, or requires consistent ironing, you are probably better off hanging that piece. Another way we think about it is if you wear something often and want easy access to it, it may also be a good idea to hang that piece. 

  • Hang anything long. Take all your maxi dresses, slips, jumpsuits, outfit combos, and place them on the Cove Long Garment Hanger. Every garment will take up half the space as before, allowing you to get that second shelf in. 

  • For the gentlemen, use the Hanger to hang all your suits, placing the pants and the blazer together for easy morning access. 

What Are You Putting on Your Cove Long Garment Hanger?

This question is personal, but we have some suggestions on how we use the Hanger and what we’d rather take extra care with than fold and tuck away.

  • Slip Dresses. Our favorite sexy summer is a must-hang when it comes to closet care, as it falls victim to easy creases and non-crisp lines.

  • Jumpsuits. Nothing says ease like having one garment do it all. We love jumpsuits for transitional weather because of the fabric’s durability (though we won’t talk about the full strip-down it requires to use the bathroom). But because of this garment’s complexity (sleeves AND pant legs), we find it easier to hang this piece up. 

  • Maxi Sun Dresses. Nothing quite says summer like being able to stretch your legs and escape the confines of denim. We love a long dress as much as the next gal, but the longer the garment the more space it takes up in your closet– often grazing the floor and collecting dust bunnies. So we’ll use a Cove Long Garment Hanger here to give ourselves a little more space. 

FAQ about the Cove Long Garment Hanger

Can I use the Hanger for anything or only a long garment?

Of course! We suggest hanging heavily-loved sets together that you wear again and again. This is an excellent tactic if you love a good capsule wardrobe. Consider hanging your perfectly-comfortable jeans and ultra-soft sweater together for an easy on the go outfit– you know the ones. 

What if my dress is really, like really, long?

While our hanger initially only comes with two components, the first one (which looks like a traditional hanger) can take on two of the secondary parts. This means you have double the folding power, for all of your closet’s necessities. Don’t worry; even extra long dresses get some appreciation. 

Is it unisex?

It’s a hanger! Of course, it’s unisex. It can and should be used by any gender for any purpose they see fit– if you feel the need to hang your sweatpants, so be it! 

Utilize your New Space

Now that you have two gorgeous rods and your Cove Long Garment Hangers to organize all your clothes (get creative here and consider putting garments together by color, style, mood, or day of the week), you can really get to it and do more. With your extra space, you can:

  • Keep everything organized. Now that you put in all that work to organize your space, the first thing to consider is how you can continue to keep this corner of your life as uncomplicated as possible. We suggest creating a ritual, setting aside some time, turning up your favorite playlist, and just going about organizing the space, folding the laundry, etc., etc. 

  • Create a his/hers section. As we said before, there’s no reason to let his mess become your mess. By adding a second compartment to your closet, you are able to give your partner the space to experiment and explore their own taste in closet organization. We know it sounds odd, but once you’ve found the ‘right’ way to fold a t-shirt, you can never go back. 

  • Separate your piles. Now that you are able to hang double the amount of clothing, it’s important to take care of everything that’s left. Work on creating neat sections for your favorite sweaters, gym clothes, and jeans.  

  • Create an ode to your shoes. Finally, the part we’ve all been waiting for. Since you have organized your clothes and given everything a spot within your closet, it is time to give your shoes the attention they deserve. Consider investing in shoeboxes to pile and arrange every pair so that they don’t clutter the space left behind at the bottom of the wardrobe.  

Does This Work for Other Parts of the Home? 

Of course. Adding a secondary shelf is always a good idea when working with limited space. We suggest adding some extra shelving in the following nooks of your home:

  • Linen Closets. If you’re lucky enough to have a linen closet, to begin with, then you probably already know that towels and sheets have a way of stacking up– literally. Add a second shelf so that you can more readily see all of your bedspreads and so that they can remain as wrinkle-free as possible. 

  • Coat Closets. As winter comes to a close, more and more jackets, coats, and trenches are finding their way into the dreaded coat closet. Rather than being forced to double-rack (i.e., adding two coats on one hanger), you should consider adding another (sturdy) rod to hang all the excess. Also, consider how nice it would be to be able to hang your guests’ coats instead of throwing them onto your bed. 

  • Kids’ Closets. There are so many benefits to adding a second shelf to a child’s closet; amongst them include: being able to place items out of reach; having somewhere to store all those extra toys; separating two children’s things because sometimes they do not believe that sharing is caring. 

How to Keep Your (Doubled) Closet Smelling Good

Almost nothing feels as good as opening those closet doors and seeing every duck in its row, but having it smell good? Now that’s special. Add a scented ribbon to a hanger or two in your closet, and every time you open it, you’ll be ensorcelled by the smooth, lush aroma that’ll smell so much better than aging wool or cotton. The ribbon will also lightly perfume your clothes, so you won’t have to worry about smelling good, even if you’re in a rush. 


  • Adding a second shelf to your closet has many benefits, from separating you and your partner’s clothes to organizing the excess garments you own. 
  • There are both permanent and non-permanent solutions to add a second shelf to your closet space, depending on your living situation and need for sturdiness.
  • The Cove Long Garment Hanger is our secret hint behind fitting everything in your closet without worrying about snags, folds, and creases. 
  • Add a double hanger to all the closets in your life, from linen to coat to kid’s. 
  • The piece de resistance for any good closet is the Scented Ribbon, which elevates the daily experience into something special.


Our patented hanger is the ONLY hanger created specifically for long garments.