Storage Tips For RV & Camper Spaces

Storage Tips For RV & Camper Spaces

The year is chugging along and before we all know it, it’ll be the summertime once again. While the summer marks the start of sun tans, swimming pools, sunscreen, and kids running around playfully, it also marks the start of something else– travel! Many of us will be renting, or taking out our, RVs and campers to get away for a few days and nights and get out into nature! Now, whether you’re going alone, with your significant other, or your family and kids, RVs seem to always have the exact same problem– a severe lack of space. You could be traveling alone, or with 5 others and you’d still be wondering how it got so cramped! The secret? Invest in some useful storage tips and tricks so you don’t spend your vacation time worrying about a messy space. To help you, we’ve compiled a quick list of tips to make your camper, RV, or sleep van feel clean, peaceful, and ready for adventure.

Tip #1: Increase Your Closet Space

Most RVs barely have any closet space to begin with, which only means that if you have to share that space with someone (or several someones) you’re going to be a little frustrated. It’s okay, it happens. Instead, plan ahead and make use of the space you have. To ensure all of your clothes have a proper place (and that you’re not living outside of your luggage the entire time) try these three things:

  • Get a Hanging Shelf: This shelf is easy to install and allows you to have three extra shelves within your small closet space.
  • Use a Long Garment Hanger: Double your closet space with a Long Garment Hanger. These hangers give you extra space at the bottom of your closets, AND allow you to hang outfits together so that you are using 1-3 less hangers than you usually would. 
  • Don’t Forget Your Shoes:  These slim Ikea shoe storage bins are only 7 inches wide, so they won’t take up all your hallway or bedroom space, and you can still store a pair of shoes (or three) in there easily. 

Tip #2: Avoid Bedroom Clutter

Unlike your bedroom at home which may have a nightstand or dressing cabinet that you can rest your cellphone, notebook, glasses, books, water, etc on, that same luxury doesn’t exist in an RV. Our favorite substitute for a bedside table is this caddy-style organizer that lets you keep all your things right next to you. 

Tip #3: Don’t Forget To Utilize ALL Surfaces 

Don’t feel limited by the small number of shelves, closets, and cabinets available in your RV or Camper. You can still make use of every surface, doubling the storage space, without making your space feel cramped or claustrophobic (quite the opposite actually). 

  • Use Under the Table Storage Drawers: If you have any tables, desks, or shelves in your portable home, you can add these nifty little shelves to any surface and have somewhere for all your miscellaneous items and little knick-knacks!
  • Never Forget About Command Hooks: Easy to add and easy to remove, these Command Hooks are stronger than they look and are perfect for jackets, bathing suits that need drying, dish towels, and anything else that may not have a specific place already. 

Tip #4: Make Sure Things Stay Where They’re Supposed To

While this may seem obvious, things in an RV may not always stay where they’re supposed to (especially as you take sharp turns and go over hilly terrain). In this case, security is key and, as they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry. One thing we always like to ensure is stored properly and securely are the knives and scissors (especially if you have kids running around!). Store your knives on this magnetic knife rack that keeps all those sharp edges secure. 

Tip #5: When in Doubt– Marie Kondo it. 

You can never go wrong with Marie Kondo, which is why we suggest her “file folding” method for all your clothes, sheets, and towels. Instead of traditionally folding, follow this method: lay the linens down flat, roll them tightly, and stand them upright (rather than flat down) as if they were going into a filing cabinet. Place in a drawer organizer or wire basket and you’re set. 

Hint: if you’re already using the floating shelf and the long garment hanger, you can place these baskets on the floor of your closet and triple your storage space!


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