Space Saving Products For Apartment Living

Space Saving Products For Apartment Living

If you’ve ever lived in a small apartment, you know the hunt for space is real. It often seems like you have to pack things on top of each other, or worse comes to worst, use your oven as a storage unit just to keep the clutter away. Well, enough of that! We’ve compiled the 10 best products to help you save space in your apartment, from a hanger that’ll double your closet space to a trio of aesthetic bins for all your miscellaneous knick-knacks. 


1. Entryway Rack 

    Shoes are one of those tricky things that end up occupying a lot more space than necessary, especially when thrown half-hazardously around the room. To avoid tripping over a pair of sandals, this entryway rack is not only efficient in storing your fav shoes, but it also looks so nice!


    2. Storage Cart 

      The great thing about storage carts is their versatility, and this circular cart is no different. Use it as a bar cart, for your spices and oils, or as a side table for guests to rest their glasses on. 


      3. Long Garment Hanger

        The thing with apartments is that space is limited, and that sentiment extends to closet spaces as well. The last thing you want is to have your long garments (dresses, jumpsuits, and even pants) obscure your vision of half the closet. This long garment hanger doubles your closet space by gently folding your clothes in half! And if you’re handy enough, you could add a second rod to hang even MORE clothes! 


        4. Floating TV stand 

          If you don’t have abundant space, you probably want everything you own to be doing just a little bit more; this includes your TV stand. We love this one because not only does it have shelves that offer extra storage space, but it is also floating, which means you could even store some bins or a trunk underneath it!


          5.  Floating table

            No room for a desk or dining table? This floating wooden table is the perfect solution because it looks good and doesn’t occupy too much space! Take a meeting from here or enjoy a quiet dinner at home. 


            6. Cabinet Organizer 

              Onto the kitchen, this easy cabinet organizer almost seems like a no-brainer. Simply hang it inside your cabinet (no drilling or screwing required), and you have extra space for all those aluminum foil containers or cookie sheets you never seem to find space for. 


              7. The Bin Trio 

                Sometimes you want to hide your disorganization inside some ethically pleasing storage bins. This trio of bins comes in three different sizes and looks beautiful enough to be a piece of furniture. Now you have somewhere to hide all your knick-knacks and extra blankets. 


                8. Purse storage 

                  If you have one too many purses (not even a real possibility!) and find yourself struggling with where to store them or find that you can only store them out of sight, which often results in them being out of mind– look into this purse storage hook. Simply hook them on the inside of your closet, and hang all your favorite purses (or tote bags) where you can easily access them. 


                  9. Magnetic kitchen storage 

                    The kitchen always seems like it's one of those places where you always run out of room. Maybe that’s because you recently baked something that required you to buy three new spices and a new pan, but the problem seems to progress continuously. This magnetic kitchen storage is, at least, the beginning of the solution. Simply hang on the side of your fridge and you have an entirely new shelf without the drilling or screwing. 


                    10.  Cutlery storage

                      Your cutlery drawer is one thing in your kitchen you’re likely to interact with each and every day, which is why its always a good idea to invest in something that’ll keep all your ducks (or in this case, forks and knives) in a row.


                      Our patented hanger is the ONLY hanger created specifically for long garments.