6 Tips to Maximize Your Closet Space

6 Tips to Maximize Your Closet Space

Maybe you have a small closet or a shopping addiction, either way, learning how to maximize your closet space is key to enjoying your zen mornings or easy-going nights. The key to it all is creating a hidden corner that is welcoming and gives all your things the attention they deserve. 

Consider Your Clothes: The first thing you should do is get rid of old clothes or any pieces that you no longer wear. This will free up a lot of space while simultaneously allowing you to access your favorite pieces all the easier.

Remember the Floor: Every inch of space is important when redesigning this hidden corner of your home and the floor is no less important. Buy some shoe racks or boxes to organize and keep things below eye level for easy access.

Consider Your Hangers: Do the most with what you have and the outfits you love, especially with our Cove Hanger. By hanging outfits together, you clear up the bulk of your daily routine (and potentially save your clothes from unnecessary damage).

Hang a Mirror: Really turn your closet into something lush and somewhere you can get away. Plus it’s an opportunity to check yourself out - as you should! 

Don’t Underestimate a Paint Job: Paint the walls a light color that will create an illusion of more space while relaxing you. You’d be surprised by the zen-characteristics of a good pastel. 

Don’t Forget The Doors: They’re the hidden secret of extra space. When maximizing your closet space, you should leave no stone unturned, and that includes your doors. Hang your shoes, purses, or jackets behind your door for a little extra space everywhere else. 


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