Organize Your Closet with These 5 Products

Organize Your Closet with These 5 Products

No one wants to be tripping over shoes, or only finding mismatched socks, as they rush to get ready in the morning. We want easy, relaxing morning routines, and that all starts in your closet. We’ve compiled the 5 best products to organize your closet and streamline your mornings. The key behind it all? Creating space. 


1. Clear Weathertight Bins

Pack chunky sweaters and summertime bathing suits away in the off-season with weathertight bins to make sure that your clothes stay dust-free and sealed away from moths when you’re not using them. We love to hide these at the top of our closet (or even under the bed), saving room on our racks for the things we’re actually wearing that season.  

2. Shoe Stackers

These are so simple but so functional. They allow you to stack your shoes on top of each other without having the bottoms touch anything - creating a beautiful visual display of your shoes as well as giving you the space to add even more shoes to your collection.

3. A Valet Rod

This rod is a total game-changer for creating extra space in your closet. It’s perfect for late nights when you don’t want to put your clothes back on hangers or mornings when you try on 5 outfits before you decide on “the one” and don’t have time to hang everything back up. You can hook everything on this or drape it over and your clothes will no longer grace your floor or your favorite chair.

4. A 32-Compartment Drawer Organizer

You won’t go hunting for socks, underwear, or your favorite ties ever again with this 32-compartment organizer that lets you see everything in an instant – even with blurry morning eyes. 

5. The Cove Hanger

We couldn’t make a list of our favorite products without calling out our very own Cove hanger. It is the quintessential product for anyone who loves long dresses to allow you to hang them on the short rack of your closet, freeing up that second rack for even more clothes! 


Our patented hanger is the ONLY hanger created specifically for long garments.