Turndown Service with Teresa Dinneen

Turndown Service with Teresa Dinneen

LA-based Teresa Dinneen is taking on the stress of your life so you don’t have to. Having launched Lifestyled in 2017, Teresa turned a lifelong passion for organizing into a service to help others implement a sense of ease in their lives. Having started in the fashion sector of brands like TOMS and J Brands, Teresa has seen her fair share of disorganized closets. The itch to style and organize spaces and lives until they become fine tuned oases was only amplified when she became a mother of two. Now, Lifestyled offers organization services (both in person and virtually) for closets and homes. Lifestyled leaves its clients living their lives (styled) without worrying about disarray and stress. 

Read on to learn how Teresa gets lost in closets, about her love of Lake Tahoe, and how she turns down each night (hint: dry brushing and terrible TV are involved). As a bonus, Teresa gives us a look into how to get kids involved in the organization and cleaning process. 

What are your favorite (hidden) oases? Favorite places to be - parks, cities, bars, any place you absolutely adore! 

Lake Tahoe is my ultimate oasis anytime of the year. I love summers on the lake and hiking and I love winters for skiing and cozying up to the fire with a glass of wine. I grew up going there and we are carrying on those traditions with our kids, as it truly is a magical place and has a piece of my heart. 

What oasis is on your bucket list? Travel wishlist!! 

Greece is definitely top on my travel list for me and my husband or Amangiri. Then I’d love to do a family trip to the Four Seasons in Costa Rica at Peninsula Papagayo

What book are you currently unwinding with?  

I always have two books going at a time. One fiction (which I read every night to fall asleep) and one self help book I listen to in the car or on my walks. I just finished Kristin Hannah’s The Four Winds, which I highly recommend. I also just finished listening to Mel Robbins, The 5 Second Rule which was so interesting and eye opening.

What 4-5 songs make up the sound track of your life?

Anything country, especially Zac Brown Band and Old Dominion. Then throw in some female ballads from Maggie Rogers and Jasmine Thompson and that’s all I need.

Where is your favorite hidden space in your home?

My little office nook. It's the only place in the house that's truly mine. It houses my color coordinated office supplies and sharpie collection that the kids know they can’t use (haha).

What is your personal “turndown routine” that helps you transition from day to night? 

Once we get the kids down, I tidy up the house, make the lunches and then in a perfect world, I use my Higher Dose sauna blanket, dry brush and then shower, read and fall asleep. However, most nights, once I get the kids down and house cleaned up, I lay on the floor with my phone and my husband and I watch terrible reality tv shows.

What is something you do just for you?

Yoga and outdoor walks. That is my time to decompress, think, try to zone out and have some me time! I also try to get regular massages and facials as I know the importance of self care, and those truly make me happy.

What’s your favorite maxi dress or jumpsuit and why? 

The Great and Natalie Martin dresses are the best and most comfortable maxi dresses. I just can't get enough of them!


Your instagram is literally #goals - can you talk to us about your favorite spaces to organize, specific tips for those spaces (i.e. label-maker, products), and most importantly - how to keep them organized?

My all time favorite space to organize is a closet! Think about how much time you spend getting dressed in your life…why not make that space as organized and inviting as you can. I always recommend seasonal wardrobe edits, donating what you no longer love or wear so your closet is full of only items you feel great in. A few tips to maintain the organization, is to invest in slim matching hangers and store rarely used or seasonal items higher in the closet so they don’t take up prime real estate. I’ve even created a digital closet course (link here: https://www.itslifestyled.com/ultimate-closet-organization-course) to help ANYONE achieve their closet and style goals based on all of our most helpful tips and best practices – I promise, this will change the way you think about shopping and getting dressed everyday! 

We love that you feature your kids on your instagram - what are some tips on getting kids on board with organizing from a young age and what are your best tips for organizing kids spaces (i.e. playrooms, nurseries, their rooms, etc)? 

Teaching kids to organize at a young age can be so much fun, and including them in the process makes it easier for them to maintain. My biggest tips for kids’ rooms is to categorize and contain and don’t forget to label. We don’t expect kids to put everything back perfectly, but if you store toys in a basket, they can throw toys in there and put the basket back. And if those baskets are labeled, it helps everyone in the family put toys back in the right spot. Another trick is to color code books and toys to help kids not only learn their colors, but learn how to put them back in order (and it looks good on their bookshelves) :)

Where can Covers find you online (instagram, website, etc): 

Instagram - teresa.lifestyled

Website - itslifestyled.com


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