3 Ways to Meditate that won’t disrupt your schedule

3 Ways to Meditate that won’t disrupt your schedule

There are many ways to unwind, and each is specific and sometimes personal. One of our favorite ways to unwind is through meditation or yoga. It’s important to go into this with the mentality that something is better than nothing. No one expects you to become a yogi, a monk, or a meditation influencer. This zen moment, whether it be 5 minutes or 30, is all about taking a breath and centering yourself– setting your intentions and focusing on this present. To help you start your days, or begin your nights, here are Jess’s top three ways to meditate that she uses to unwind and transition into her unwinding routine. 


1. Download an App

Headspace or Calm are two applications that feature guided meditation perfect for beginners. Their meditation experts will guide you through your mind map and help you set intentions that are meaningful to you. The best part about an app? You can even meditate during your morning commute, or lunch break– really wherever is most convenient to you. 


2.  Use a Sound Bath

Sometimes you need a little guidance in your relaxation journey, and sound baths are audio guides to help you breathe deeply and unwind fully. Sound Therapist Sara Auster creates relaxing sound baths that help you get out of the moment while remaining in the present– and they’re so much more than whale sounds. 


3. Pair it with Yoga

If you’re not the type to comfortably sit still and meditate, we find that pairing breathwork and meditative thinking with the relaxing and elongating movements of yoga can be an incredible way to get your heart racing and blood flowing in the mornings. There are so many resources here, but one of our favorites is Youtuber Adrienne and Yoga For Bad People's online classes


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