Turndown Service with Kendall Flynn

Turndown Service with Kendall Flynn

To say Kendall wastes no time would be an understatement. Just three days after she graduated from college in Texas, she moved to NYC and began living what decades of media (and teens on TikTok) call “the dream.” Obviously, she’s got a hustle– which just means finding a way to relax is all the more important. When Kendall isn’t chatting with her three sisters, she’s reading, watching TCU football on Saturdays, or taking leisurely strolls through Central Park. Did we mention she’s planning her wedding too? Read on to learn more on how Kendall turns down after each day and keeps the wedding stress at bay.


What are your favorite (hidden) oases? 

Favorite places to be - parks, cities, bars, any place you absolutely adore! Central Park in the Spring & Summer, on a boat basically anywhere, and Caneel Bay in the US Virgin Islands. 

What oasis is on your bucket list? 

Travel wishlist!! I would love to travel to Italy for 1 month with my fiancé and absolutely zero electronics. 

What book are you currently unwinding with?  

Devil Wears Prada 

What four songs make up the sound track of your life? 

I love all genres honestly. If I had to pick, the four songs that make up the soundtrack of my life would be: Ain't No Mountain High Enough, Never Let Me Down, Brandy (You’re a Fine Girl), and Gimme Shelter

What do you wear at home? 

Athleisure wear for sure.

Where is your favorite hidden space in your home? 

My cosmetic closet for sure! It is super organized and I know exactly where all my beauty products are. It is my little area that never gets disturned unless I decide to reorganize it and it is filled with all my favorite creams, hair products, nail care, and more. 

What is your personal “turndown routine” that helps you transition from day to night? 

Every night after I shower, I apply my skincare routine, brush my teeth, take my contacts out, and spray my relaxing “sleepy time mist” on my pillow. 

What is something you do just for you? 

Botox lol

Tell us about one of your favorite maxi dresses or jumpsuits.

This is a hard one as I LOVE all my maxi dresses and jumpsuits. One of my favorite summer maxi dresses that I tend to gravitate towards is this beautiful coral Tularosa maxi dress that I purchased from revolve last summer. I can style it up or throw a cute jean jacket over for more casual settings. Add in a nice tan and ***chefs kiss. I absolutely adore it!

What made you want to move to NYC from Texas? 

After traveling with my family to NYC almost every year starting in middle school, I knew I loved the fast pace and ambience the city had to offer and wanted to move here as soon as I graduated. The fashion, food, and sites of New York are in my eyes the best in the world. I feel so incredibly blessed to be able to wake up and experience a new adventure every day. 

We know you’re planning your wedding, what has been the most fun part to plan, and what do you do to stay calm throughout the process? 

The most fun part of planning a wedding so far has been designing the dress and seeing it come to life gradually. Planning a wedding has been super fun and I have tried to enjoy the process as much as possible. With that being said, I knew going into the planning process there would be hiccups along the way. When we run into a problem or if something is not quite right, I take a step back and tell myself, “we have time, this is something we can fix, and at the end of the day I get to marry my best friend.”

… a glass of wine helps too. 

Where can Covers find you online:

Covers can find me on instagram, facebook, snapchat, and tiktok 

Instagram: @kendall_flynn 

Facebook: Kendall Flynn

Snapchat: @kendall_flynn

Tiktok: @kendalldflynn


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