Turndown Service with Amy Chinitz

Turndown Service with Amy Chinitz

Amy Chinitz takes Spring Cleaning seriously– year-round. As one of the first 500 people globally to be Certified in Marie Kondo’s KonMari Method, Amy’s home is an oasis in and of itself. But what truly sets Amy apart from the masses is her ability to transform spaces through conscious decluttering, and the world knows it too. Amy was declared a Home Detox expert by Goop during their Goop Health Summit in 2021 and applauded by Good Morning America for her pandemic pivot, connecting with clients through her curated online coaching program, “Tidy Home Sold.” When she isn’t posting addictively-relaxing before-and-after content of her clients’ decluttered homes, Amy is performing stand-up mom-comedy, hanging out on Fire Island, dreaming of overwater bungalows, and raising the next-gen of KonMari-experts (though they may be too young to realize it right now). Read on to see how Amy unwinds and what tips she suggests to start organizing your home. 


What are your favorite (hidden) oases? Favorite places to be - parks, cities, bars, any place you absolutely adore!

My favorite place to both work & play is my home on Fire Island, NY. Our tiny beach cottage is a quaint retreat to nature and simplicity on Long Island’s barrier island. Everyone is welcome but it’s a hidden gem because it’s only accessible by boat, bicycle or on foot if you don’t have one of the limited driving permits issued by the National Park Service!

What oasis is on your bucket list? Travel wishlist!! 

I want to stay in an overwater bungalow somewhere! I imagine it as a chance to become one with the marine environment.

What book are you currently unwinding with?  

I’m currently enjoying a Jewish parenting book, The Blessing of a Skinned Knee. - it’s about raising self-reliant children through the links to our ancestral stories & traditions.

What 4-5 songs make up the sound track of your life? 

You can find me dancing in my kitchen to these songs right now…

On Top of the World - Imagine Dragons 

I Am Woman - Emmy Meli

Makin’ A Move - Lady Bri

My House - Flo Rida

Where is your favorite hidden space in your home?

This question made me giggle…There’s a spot in my backyard on the side of the house which is totally undetectable from any window. Best spot to hide & take a breather (or smoke a joint).

What is your personal “turndown routine” that helps you transition from day to night?

I love to indulge in a cup of tea at night. I savor every moment of the slow & restorative ceremony that happens organically with each cup. 

What is something you do just for you?

I strive to elevate all my transactions to meaningful interactions. I think of this as an easy way to practice mindfulness and self-love when I treat every moment as significant.

What’s your favorite maxi dress or jumpsuit and why?

My favorite maxi dress is a blue, elephant print, boho-style number that I picked up in a local boutique years ago. When I see this dress it sparks joy because it reminds me of what people wore at the Grateful Dead shows I went to with my family as a kid until today!

What are your biggest tips for someone looking to organize their home? Where should they start? How much time should they budget? How should they approach it? 

1)The very first step is to approach tidying as self care! Decluttering can be a cathartic process of life-review, and does not have to be viewed as a burdensome chore.  In fact, you can enJOY it when your focus is a treasure-hunt for the belongings that spark the most joy for you. 

2)Then, take yourself on a tour of your home and pay attention to how you feel in your space. Then decide how you WANT to feel in your ideal home environment, and use that as your “guiding-vibe” to help you choose what to keep because it sparks joy, and what to let go of, with gratitude.

3)Once you’ve approached the process as self-care & envisioned your dream home environment, the next step is to commit to tidying! I recommend carving out a regular time each week to engage in the process. Another tip is to set a future date & invite guests to a celebration of your progress. That way you’ll be even more motivated to make your transformation!

As someone who has lived in both NYC as well as by the water, what role does your physical environment - whether it’s your city, your home, your office, your car - play in your personal happiness and your mental health? 

I feel so grateful for all the different places I’ve visited, lived in, camped in, worked in, driven in, etc. I’ve always been very sensitive to how various physical surroundings impact my mental health and happiness. What I found is when you’re clear about your ideal lifestyle, you can create a home environment that supports the life that you want, wherever you are!

For example, one guiding vibe for my home is  “chill,” so I joy-check every item that comes through the front door to make sure that it contributes to that feeling. I also keep items that support my family’s experiences of comfort, safety, joy, fun, pride, etc. Designing/organizing/curating your home intentionally is a powerful tool to make sure your physical environment, and thus your reality, aligns with your values, hopes, & dreams for your life!



Where can Covers find you online (instagram, website, etc): 
Instagram @sparkjoyny


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