Turndown Service with Kymberli Calloway

Turndown Service with Kymberli Calloway

Who would have thought the secret to decluttering your life all started with a tornado? It seems a bit oxymoronic, but that’s what happened with Kymberli Calloway when the 2012 Texan tornado (literally) ran through her life, leaving it in pieces. She’d decided to let that moment create a new beginning, hiring an architect to rebuild a stronger and better space. Which is why Kymberli has set out to create a luxe solution to unclutter not only your home but life as well. There’s more to organization than simple aesthetics– though those are important too, if you can’t Instagram your home, are you even doing it right? For this Dallas Organizer, looking good doesn’t mean being unfunctional, which is why her organizational tips come alongside useful information like how to make a disaster kit for when the unthinkable happens (like a tornado). 

When Kymberli isn’t transforming others’ lifestyles, how does this tornado survivor unwind, unbuckle, and relax? You’ll probably find her relaxing on a rooftop admiring the Dallas Skyline, listening to her killer playlist (we see you Goapele), and, of course, Kymberli can be found standing in front of the Master Closet thinking of ways to reorganize. Read on for more tips on relaxing, finding your zen in organization, and preparing for your next disaster (even if that disaster is you).


What are your favorite (hidden) oases? Favorite places to be - parks, cities, bars, any place you absolutely adore! I love relaxing on my rooftop after 9pm.

The Dallas Skyline is amazing and helps me come up with great ideas.


What oasis is on your bucket list? Travel wishlist!!

Since I love cruising, my next destination is a 7-day cruise to the Caribbean. 


What book are you currently unwinding with? 

Currently I’m reading Hospitality from within by Sarah Dandashy


What 4-5 songs make up the sound track of your life?

1. Closer
2. Superstar
3. Wont he do it
4. Me,Myself & I
5. Baddest

Where is your favorite hidden space in your home?

The Coffee House in my building.


What is your personal “turndown routine” that helps you transition from day to night?

For me, cleaning up my desktop of old screenshots receipts and organizing those into their respective folders and then shutting down my laptop puts me in relax mode and also preps me for the next day. Then I grab my furry blanket and turn my AC down to 68 and get on my couch to find a good movie. If it is the weekend, I’ve already ordered food so I do not have to worry about cooking. During the week, the routine is the same but 1 hour of cooking will happen before turning the air down and getting on the couch.

    What is something you do just for you?

    Self Care Fridays (no work, no clients, my whatever I want to do day)


      What’s your favorite maxi dress or jumpsuit and why?

      My favorite is a good ole’ Maxi dress… because they are simple to wear & can be dressed up or down.

        What’s your favorite place to organize in a client’s home?

        My favorite place to organize in a residential home is the Master Closet or the Study if they have one.

          Any tips for someone wanting to tackle that space on their own?

          Start in one room. Remove items, broken, damaged, ugly or don't work/fit in the space 1st. Then move on to making decisions about things you never use (call me for backup) Then determine what activities will be happening in the space & store the necessary items accordingly. Be sure to label as much as possible.

            What are some of your favorite organization tools, products, tips, etc that are must haves for your home or clients’ homes?

            My favorite Organization tools are the clear stackable containers from the Container Store listed here: https://www.dallasorganizer.com/favorite-products
            My Amazon Store: https://www.amazon.com/shop/dallasorganizer

              Where can Covers find you online (instagram, website, etc):

              On Instagram: @dallasorganizer

              On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/getorganizeddfw

              My Websitehttps://www.dallasorganizer.com


              PreSale Courses:

              10 Things Every Organizer Should Know - Coming August 2022  

              31 days of Productivity w/ Kym - Coming October 2022 




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