10 Ways to Use Our Scented Ribbons

10 Ways to Use Our Scented Ribbons

Gone are the days of outdated potpourri sachets and air fresheners – our scented ribbons do it all. Transform your private corners, nooks, and hidden spaces for an aromatically zen lifestyle designed specifically for you. We’ve compiled the top ten ways that our team maximizes their spools of ribbon, whose scent continuously lasts up to 3 months.


1. Tie on the hanger of your favorite outfit to provide a hint of fragrance to your favorite dress  

2. Place in your intimates drawer for a special moment as you get dressed in the morning 

3. Hide in your gym bag to mask the aromas of your post-workout sweat 4. Keep in your purse for a lulling aromatic scent to relax you even in the busier moments  

5. Tie it into a bow on a gift to create a moment even before your giftee opens the box


6. Tie it on your wrist for a fashion statement and a fragrance that will last all day long

7. Hide it in pillowcases for a zen moment that helps lull you to sleep

8. Travel with it pressed between your clothes in your luggage to keep your clothes (and hotel room) smelling wonderful 9. Keep it in your car to make every drive a special one 10. Tie it on the handle of your purse to make an (aromatic) entrance wherever you go 


    Our patented hanger is the ONLY hanger created specifically for long garments.