How to layer (comfortably) like a pro

How to layer (comfortably) like a pro

Including our five favorite outfit must-haves

Layering is a relaxing and gorgeous way to stay warm this winter without the unnecessary bulk. Not only will your closet thank you for staying away from bulky clothing that eats up all your space, but you will also be able to easily transition between numerous outfits throughout the day, depending on your mood, occasion, and how high the radiators are cranked up!  

There are no hard fast rules to layering, but there are some suggestions: stay comfortable, pick compatible colors, and start from the inside-out. Having said that, here are some easy steps to make the most of as many items as possible in your gorgeous closet. 

The First Layer:

For the first layer you want to pick something that would not only look cute on its own, if you have to shed all the layers, but also is also well-fitting and hugs your body. What you don’t want is something very loose as it will bunch at the sleeves and make you rather uncomfortable. Wear your favorite pants, because while your top will be barely visible, your pants will be the main act. If it is severely cold, you may want to wear thermals as your first layer. 

The Middle Layer:

This layer is all about warmth: sweaters, cardigans, vests. Wear them all together or just one at a time, it really is your preference!

The Outer Layer:

The outer layer is what most people will see, so really show off. Find your favorite jacket, and drape it on top of your already mult-faceted look. Ideally the longer the coat the better for very cold circumstances.

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