Good mental health starts with having a clean space

Good mental health starts with having a clean space

You probably already know this but a clean or dirty home is a non-verbal symbol to others, and yourself, of the state of your mental health. Ever since the pandemic, for many of us, the lines between home and work have been blurred. With desks set up on kitchen tables or in bedroom corners, it’s hard to know what goes where and how to organize it all. Therefore most of us aren’t surprised when messes start to accumulate, but they can have many negative mental health repercussions.

Start by asking why people lean towards minimalism? For one, we are very visual creatures, and cluttered spaces can stress us out, make us feel out of control, and even add a depressive pessimistic quality to our day-to-day lives.

More clutter also leads to less satisfaction, meaning that your general level of happiness is likely to decrease, leading to factors such as low energy and burn out. A messy space can be a downward spiral as you’re more likely to also just allow things to gently get messier. Think about if you leave one sweater out, how quickly that escalates to two and then onto a massive pile of clothes that is too daunting to put away. 

Having a personal space that you can feel relaxed in and that is the perfect balance between organized and homey, is key to happier zen moments. You will be more relieved, energized, and productive. This is perfect for those of us who WFH, as a clean space allows us to have a clear head and work more efficiently. 

It may seem like a lot but it doesn't have to be. Tackle one room or category of your home per day (or even per week): bedroom, closet, kitchen; your books, makeup, or shoes.

If things are really dire, you might even tackle one small segment of your space each week - for example, your junk drawer, or a linen closet, or your medicine cabinet. We find that when the hidden spaces of your home are organized, it gives you a mental clarity that carries over to so many aspects of your life.

Our suggested cherry on top? Add some home fragrances or scented ribbons across the hidden spaces of your home and enjoy the euphoric feeling and organization. 


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