10 of the Best Bridal Shower Gifts of 2023

10 of the Best Bridal Shower Gifts of 2023

If you have a bridal shower on the horizon, you’re probably wondering what you should get the bride-to-be. Traditionally, the bridal shower is a time when the couple receives gifts for their home, like china settings, serving pieces, or appliances, but that’s in the past. Bridal showers today are a bit more flexible and focused on the bride-to-be, which means the gifts could be more personal. To help you through this wedding season, we’re answering some bridal-shower questions, and we’ve compiled a list of fail-safe gifts.

Generally, what kind of gifts do you buy for a bridal shower?

Typically home essentials or wedding-related items, but it all depends on the bride herself– every person is different! We recommend starting with the couple’s wedding registry, which they spent time curating.

Am I supposed to bring the bridal shower hostess a gift?

It’s always a good idea to bring the hostess a small gift if they’re hosting the soiree at their home, as they’ve spent a good amount of time throwing the shower. Simple gifts could include a candle, some flowers, or a bottle of wine.  

Should I bring the bridal shower gift to the bridal shower?

Unless you purchased a larger gift, which should then be sent ahead of time, it’s a good idea to bring the gift to the shower itself, as presents are typically opened at the event.

How much should I spend?

Unlike the wedding, the bridal shower is a little more casual, meaning the price range is also more flexible. The gift should range between $30 to $250, depending on how close you are to the bride or groom.

What gifts do we suggest?

This vegan leather embossed bag is perfect for brides-to-be who may need their makeup nearby for any potential mishaps or touch-up needs. 

There is just something so luxurious about a matching pajama set, especially one as soft as this! 

After the celebration (and honeymoon) the besotted couple will spend a good majority of the following weeks sending out thank you notes, and hand signing can be tiring– which is why we suggest this gorgeous customized stamp. 

One of the best-hidden secrets of wedding days is how far and often the dress itself gets moved around. Using a long garment hanger ensures that the dress doesn’t get dirty or damaged before the bride walks down the aisle (it also makes post-wedding storage even easier)

Learn More: [Link the article about storing wedding dresses]

Ensure the bride gets her beauty rest even on her honeymoon with this luxurious silk sleep set which includes a pillowcase and eye mask. 

You can’t go wrong with flowers, and these Venus roses last a year or longer– meaning they’ll still be there when the happy couple comes back from their honeymoon. 

When in doubt go with something edible. This 3-piece candy bento box by Sugarfina looks just as good as it tastes, and is guaranteed to be gone in no time. 

This play on the traditional gift is an upscale stone diffuser that releases a gentle aroma that will upgrade any home. 

Perfect for the guest or master bath, Aesop’s popular aromatic hand wash and balm duet is the ultimate failsafe gift. 

Modernize the traditional bridal shower gift with this colorful, mini, nontoxic, Teflon-free pot and pan set that is perfect for two. 


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