8 Must-Have Maxi Dresses To Get You Through The Rest of Summer

8 Must-Have Maxi Dresses To Get You Through The Rest of Summer

Summer is a time of bold colors, iced coffees, and (inevitably) sweat. This is why you want a light dress that won’t suffocate you in the heat and will steal the show at your favorite rooftop bar or seaside restaurant. We’ve compiled our favorite affordable maxi dresses that look as good as they feel, and pair well with a frosé. Go for a classic NYC black color-code, or a vibrant Legally Blonde pink, this summer. We’ve also included a closet hack for anyone thinking, “my closet just doesn’t have space for 8 maxi-dresses”– trust us, it does. 

1. The Grotto Dress

Become the center of attention with this lightweight, gorgeous, red dress. With its V-neckline, criss-cross straps, and elastic waist, this comfortably form-fitting dress will assure that not even 90º weather can get you down. 


2. The Carletta Dress

The Carletta dress is somehow both casual and dressy. Featuring an ankle-length asymmetrical hemline and crew neck cut, this is the dress for a casual coffee outing and a wedding– it’s just THAT good. 


3. Satin “Bridesmaid” Dress

Don’t let the name fool you, this silky satin dress has a cowl neckline that is perfect for a wedding, but can be dressed down with some sneakers and a top for bottomless mimosas at brunch. 


4. Long Print Dress

Who said balloon sleeves aren’t in? This dress begs to differ, as it manages to become the perfect modestly casual dress for summer offices or even working from home– imagine how good you’d look on Zoom. 


5.  Lace Insert Midi Dress

All of your high school grunge dreams have come to fruition with this lacy midi dress. Coming in the iconic NYC-black color, you’re one bagel away from being a summer native. 


6. Devon Maxi Dress

Pink is in! And this maxi dress is the loose, casual piece you imagine yourself wearing in the Italian countryside, paired with some limoncello and an orchard or two. 


7. Mixed Picnic Maxi Dress

Nothing says summer like a picnic! This Maxi dress has a flowy fit, a plunging neckline, and is covered in colorful (and flavorful) prints that will keep you and your kids entertained as you sprawl out in the grass.


8. Macaw Leaves Maxi Dress

For the all-frills ladies out there, this flutter-sleeve dress is effortless and colorful for summer’s best moments. This maxi dress is “happiness comes to life” and can be worn day to night, and from beaches to cities. 


Now, how are you going to hang all these new maxis in your tiny apartment?!? Meet the Cove Long Garment Hanger, your new maxi-dress life hack. What is it? Essentially, the innovative Cove Hanger takes your maxi dresses and folds them so that they occupy ⅓ the hanging space AND you can do it all in 3 seconds – that way you can hang your longest dresses on the shorter racks of the closet - ensuring your dresses don’t spend their lives collecting dust bunnies off the floor OR taking up crazy amounts of space with a long hanging rack. 

Can I use the Hanger for anything or only a long garment? 

Of course! Hang your jumpsuits, skirts, and all of your favorite sets together, an excellent tactic if you love a good capsule wardrobe.


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